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Borgo Pignano may be your dream destination wedding venue

All the details you want to know about Borgo Pignano as your destination wedding venue

I always find inspiration while travelling – I find that there is so much beauty in immersing yourself with the different cultures of this world and experiencing life outside of your city. And if you know me, you know my love for Europe, most specifically Italy and France as they are truly some of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever travelled to. This summer, we recently went to Italy and visited the country side of Tuscany (and truly lived that dolce far niente lifestyle) and the iconic city, none other than Rome, to shoot a destination wedding.

We loved our time in Italy… That trip gave me the inspiration my soul needed, and more.

Now, while I am sure many couples also love Italy (as much as I do) and the idea of getting married there, doing a destination wedding can seem a tad overwhelming with all the logistics, which is then deemed as impossible. While I have yet to one day plan my own wedding, I still wanted to share about Borgo Pignano, a luxury countryside hotel in the heart of Tuscany -that won my heart over- and you need to know about it.


  • I’m a firm believer of less is more. While I do think wedding decor is still important, your wedding design can be so clean and simple because the venue already offers so much: beautiful historic architecture, sophisticated interiors, olive trees, lush gardens, etc.

  • They practice sustainability. From the eco-friendly materials they used to restore the villas, to the organically grown food that they serve on your plate. We were really impressed with how intentional they are in making sure they minimize their carbon footprint here on this earth.

  • The gracious hospitality/comfort and exceptional customer service. Everyone that works there proved that they care for you and your needs. They really make you feel at home.

  • Villas, cottages and the hotel bedrooms for guest lodging.

  • The experience you and your loved ones will have! While the wedding celebration is already one thing, can you imagine spending other days horse back riding through the hills with your mom and sister, or doing a cooking class with your bridesmaids? They offer so many activities here so you don’t necessarily need to travel elsewhere.

  • Although you’d be in the countryside, Borgo Pignano is a short drive to the towns of Volterra and San Gimignano and a 1-2 hour drive to Florence.

The surrounding countryside of Tuscany and the light it has to offer.
Yes, the light. The Tuscan sun is truly something else.

An enchanting haven of peace and tranquillity

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