Jenzel Velo



His Angel's Old Fashioned Coffee Cake


To Brian (my love, my best friend, and my other half),

I know not a day goes by where you do not think of your mommy Angel, Yolanda McGreggor. Even if I have never met her, I will always wonder what life would be like today with her physically here. But from the stories that have been told to the sweetest words that have been used to describe her, I have never doubted the superwoman she was.

On your birthday, I knew I had to do something different this year. Since I often remind you of your mom, I decided to bake her famous Old Fashioned Coffee Cake (your favourite) just for you. I wanted to create something in remembrance of your mommy Angel. Everyday we celebrate you, but here is little reminder to show you how loved you are wherever you may be in this life. 

I pray you have a blessed year filled with love and happiness! Enjoy every bit of this coffee cake, you deserve it! 

Happy Birthday, Brian. 

With love,

Calligraphy Print by Leah Grewal
Old Fashioned Coffee Cake Recipe by Yolanda McGreggor
Photography by Yours Truly