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Candor Uncaged | beauNU Magazine


Since last fall, I was busy working as a full time editor at a wedding photography and cinematography company based in Yaletown. As projects came to a finish, wedding season became more still. I left the job back in February, and since then I have been on a wedding hiatus for over a month! As much as I enjoy learning from dedicating time and work for other companies in the industry, I have also been grateful that I have been working from home because it has allowed me to take a breather, and regroup myself. I have been so eager to share my new work, but the projects I have been working on so far are for magazine publications!

In February, I got the opportunity to work with one of Lizbell Agency's new models, named Yom! The moment I saw her head shots, I was excited because I love working with woman of different ethnicity. While planning my shoots, I often seek for inspiration through some of my favourite photographers' work, but for this editorial, I was inspired from the hours spent flipping through pages of Vogue – and I am so glad I did! I always make sure that the agency and talent I will be working with feel confident and excited about the concept and mood boards. I believe it is best when everyone is happy with everything from concept to completion – I always want to create photos that I will be proud of, but also know that talent and team will be proud of too.

The location we worked in was in the neighbourhood of Gastown. Although Gastown is a picture-perfect space in Vancouver, it can also be a really busy area with tourists and locals wandering throughout the day allowing the location to look very recognizable and photos to look the same as others. For this shoot, I decided to look for quiet areas in Gastown with simple backdrops that would compliment the talent, and the retro/vintage concept. Luckily, the hairstylist/makeup artist's apartment also worked perfectly, as I worked with the washed-out red rugged walls. It can be tough finding the right space to shoot in because Vancouver is a very small city. However, I constantly remind myself to keep focus on the details of the subject and the meaning behind it all because that is what creates a beautiful photo.

I am so excited and humbled to share that this editorial, 'Candor Uncaged' has as been published in my third magazine publication (beauNU Magazine) of the year! It is definitely a work in progress as I continue to build my brand and myself up – but, when you work with the right people to help each other on their journey towards success, knowing that you are not living paycheque to paycheque will no longer matter. Good things take time.

Candor Uncaged
Let my light bleed below and through the lines you draw around me
I am bright even in the night.
Let our truths be told and our stories intervene
the mess of our humanity calls for us to confess and put the darkness to rest
You will not calibrate a plan that encircles me
in boundaries that can't help me
that capture me.
You can't capture
Because my clouds have voices that coo and
their breath is the wind that pulls at my heart's strings and move my veins to
play the songs of the
truth tellers that came before me
Their light splays open to make the the unseen, seen.

Words by Janelle Velo

Creative Director/Photographer: Jenzel Velo | Model: Yom - Lizbell Agency | Hairstylist & Makeup Artist: Ksenia Ogolikhina | Assistant: Brian Ramirez

Published in beauNU Magazine April 2017 Issue