With a background in film, Jenzel goes beyond just what a moment looks like - she captures how a moment feels like with the delicate combination of cinematic and fine art styles. 

Her passion for travelling, film and storytelling, along with her keen eye for aesthetic detail manifest through her art. Jenzel’s work is timeless and her approach organic, believing that her lens are simply a witness to your emotions unveiled. Where words fail, photographs tell the story. Each click, forever altering the nature of life by making time stop

Jenzel's work has appeared in Real Weddings Magazine, Utterly Engaged, JoyWed, Mother Muse Magazine, Cottage Hill, and many more.


Jenzel embarks on each of her projects with her confidant and partner, Brian who plays an important role in making your vision come to life. He will assist and second shoot throughout the day, and/or capture your celebration seamlessly through videography.

With passion, this duo takes pride in their professionalism and deep devotion to creating a genuine and fulfilling experience for their clients.



The Process

1. Grasp a full understanding of the client’s vision by taking into account the story that led them to this moment.

2. Offer recommendations and brainstorm location, wardrobe, shoot time, florists, hair & make up and all the fine aesthetic details that go into making the ordinary, extraordinary. 

3. Run through the timeline to comb out all expected and unexpected occurrences throughout the shoot. 

4. During the shoot process, Jenzel works primarily on digital and medium format film. Brian assists and second shoots in tandem throughout the day. We consciously shoot with our client’s vision in mind. You will be comfortably directed through natural and flattering poses that showcase your personalities and that make you look and feel your best.

5. We are not the tellers of your story. YOU are. We promise to capture the essence of your life and love through authentic, timeless stills and motion visuals that will allow you to relive these moments for years and years ever after.